Android Develop:横屏布局

2019-02-21 / Programing / Android



Android Develop:设置应用图标

2019-02-20 / Programing / Android

前前后后各种原因耽搁了大半年,终于还是下定决心开始做我的Okapia android应用了,笔者一直从事的是Java后端和Web开发,基本上没有安卓开发的项目经验,正所谓万事开头难,一边学一边做。所以我计划把做的过程中遇到的一些问题都整理记录下来,供读者参考。


MySQL replication

2019-01-21 / Programing / Mysql




2019-01-14 / Programing / MicroService



Visual Studio Code for C++ development on MacOS

2018-12-18 / Programing / C++

I've tried lot's of c++ IDEs on MacOS X, but none of them is as powerful as VS Studio on Windows. It's always hard for me to choose an IDE before I want to write some code, as it's called the Selection phobia. Generally we have the following choose:

  • Vim/Emacs (I'm familiar with VIM but it's still not an easy way, for me)
  • CodeBlocks (not good maintained on MacOS)
  • CodeLite (it's a good choose!)
  • XCode (I just don't like it, Heavy and ugly, can't get used to it)
  • QT Creator (it's useful especially when developing Qt projects)
  • Eclipse CDT
  • NetBeans
  • CLion (maybe the best c++ IDE on MaxOS, unfortunately does not have a free version)
  • Textmate

Recently I tried Visual Studio Code, it's really a good choose for those who want to write some c++ code in a lightweight IDE.