Open Source

These are the open source projects that I am involved with, either as the author or as a maintainer.

Apps and Flutter Plugins

AuthorIn progress

Okapia is a secret management app. It uses strong hash/encryption algorithms(AES256, Argon2) to secure anything that needs to be protected, including passwords, photos, notes, etc. It's totally offline and no network connection is used, which gurantees full security.

It's written in Flutter, both Anroid/iOS are supported.

AuthorIn progress


A plugin for using native AES /Argon2 algorithms in Android/IOS.

  • AES(128bit or 256bit) in ECB or CBC mode, with NoPadding or PKCS5Padding.
  • argon2i, argon2d, argon2id

Flutter sqlcipher plugin, for using sqlcipher in both Android and iOS by dart:ffi.


Very fundamental OpenCV flutter plugin, which aims to provide a framework for starting OpenCV development with Flutter.

Java and Web and Cloud

AuthorIn progress

A simple, OO-based toy JVM language written in Java, using Antlr to parse source code and compile into byte codes.

AuthorIn progress

A simple toy JVM written in C++, it was originally created when I was studying JVM.


A responsible Mediawiki skin based on Bulma, which is used in my wiki.

A sonar pmd extension for validating p3c(阿里巴巴Java开发规范).

AuthorIn Progress

A lightweight java web framework.


Scripts for deploying a local ks3 cluster(1 master + 2 worker) automatically by virtualbox/vagrant.


Java b-tree implementation.

A ... (this might not be appropriate to talk for the reason we all know).


A camera client for rtsp based hardware, using live555, qt, and ffmpeg.


2D game (actually not finished) written in C++, using SDL and Tiled.